Pictures from our last event

30 03 2009

Here are a few pictures from our last OrangeBand event. The speakers were excellent and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.




30 03 2009

Join us Monday, April 6 at   7:15 pm for our monthly OB Dinner event and potluck. We will be joined by Alissa Gentile & Nick Challed from the organization On the Move – supporting youth leadership, vibrant communities & organization. Check them out at We are also especially excited to be joined by Chris Bui. A Social Media specialist and founder of The 5th Medium. He is also a Transpartisan Alliance Advisor and organizer of the first-ever American Citizen’s Summit:

Links to Permaculture websites :)

3 03 2009

The San Francisco Permaculture Guild

18th and Rhode Island Permaculture demonstration garden

Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

Permaculture Video Free-For-All

3 03 2009

Hello all. Monday night’s OrangeBand Permaculture night was a great success and we would like to thank our presenters David Cody and Kevin Bayuk for sharing there wisdom with us. We hope you all enjoyed the presentation and picked up some inspiration to dive deeper into the subject matter. A few attendees were wondering were one might find some online resources about permaculture. So I have provided a few below.

OrangeBand’s Permaculture night

2 03 2009

Monday, March 2- OrangeBand Permaculture Night with Kevin Bayuk and David Cody!

Join us for an evening of visioning for a better future with two of the Bay Areas leading permaculture designers Kevin Bayuk and David Cody. WTF is permaculture you ask? Come and find out!

Here is a great video of Kevin Bayuk, one of the nights speakers, showing us around his Upper Haight garden.

Stealing America Vote by Vote

31 10 2008

Last week we had filmaker Dorothy Fadiman who recently produced the film “Stealing America: Vote by Vote.” It was a great night with in depth conversation and real world solutions.

You can view the film here in it’s intirety. enjoy!

Thanks Chelsea for the minutes 🙂

7-7:30 meet and greet potluck.

7:30- 8:30 Bruce Wolfe (Candidate for College Board President SF and former SFSU and CCSF alumn) spoke on clean money and the importance of fair campagning.  For example, Gavin Newsom raising 4 million dollars for campagning while competitors raise $10,000 is obviously not a fair campaigne strategy and gives Newsom a great advantage.  We spoke about the new legislation that is suppossed to change election money in CA so that it is all thrown into one pot from which all candidates will take equal portions.  This allows for each candidate to have the economic ability to reach the same amount of voters.

8:30-9:45 Dorothy Fadiman, Director and Producer of “Stealing America Vote by Vote”, told her story of the 2004 elections when she worked official voting booths in Florida and had 1000s of reports of people clicking on John Kerry and the computer switching the vote to George W. Bush.  She began investigating and talked to people around the country about this.  Her movie is wonderful.  Last night we screened the 20min selected scenes and this morning I watched the 90min film in it’s entirety at
Please watch this as soon as possible and share with your friends and family.  It is unbelieveable that this is happening but very well supported and delivered.  It makes helping seem accessible and possible.

After the movie she answered questions.  My favorite was “what are three things we can do?”  She said to go to the website and look at “take action”
As far as 3 concrete things she said:
1. Share this film and educate those around us.  Make sure that they know this is real and that mainstream media isn’t covering it!
2. Do not vote by absentee ballots!  Go to your registered poll or TAKE YOUR ABSENTEE BALLOT TO ANY POLL AND REQUEST AN OFFICIAL BALLOT! She recomended going to her site to see the help phone lines and write them down and put them in your pocket in case there is a problem getting a ballot.
3. Take a picture of your vote or anything suspicious.  We will need data as this vote fraud is already happening around the country. If you notice anything unusual at the voting booths, REPORT IT!

This is my overview.  Please, please, please try to come to next weeks meeting.  They will be continuing this discussion as well as providing information about each and every SF and CA proposition.  This is very important to inform us as voters.

Best of Bioneers video night coming! Can you feel it?

1 10 2008

So our Bioneers video night is just around the corner (Oct. 13 to be exact) and we could not be more excited. Never heard of Bioneers? Check out there website!

We will be screening potential videos to show at the event in the coming days and want to hear from you. Any topics especially interesting to you? Indigenous issues? Sustainability? Youth actions? How mushrooms can help save the world? Shoot us an email at or post a comment below.

Just to give you a taste of the power of this event and its speakers check out Paul Hawken below from a past Bioneers.